Reflexology Take a load off!

We walk all over our feet!

Isn't it time we give back to them & put our feet up?!

There are over 6000 nerve endings on the sole of our feet that are just waiting to be nurtured and soothed with our caring & revitalising foot massages.

Foot Massage = Full Body Massage

Reflexology in general is a relaxing, tension reducing technique.

This treatment does not just benefit the feet in isolation, but indeed, thoroughly rejuvenates the body as a whole!

It stimulates nerve endings on the feet which are connected to the bodily organs. Manipulating the tissue on the feet can create electrical waves throughout the body and bring about a positive, health promoting effect.

The many & varied systems of the body can be accessed through the feet including the:

  • Endocrine
  • Respiratory
  • Digestive System
  • Elimination System
  • Skeletal System

The function of the body's organs can be improved through this treatment by way of stimulating the corresponding organ reflex point in the feet.

How does it feel?

Clients enjoy feeling relaxed whilst at intervals they may experience a passing sensation of localised discomfort as certain areas are worked with special massage techniques.

This is normal and beneficial, however, it is up to the individual how they want the treatment to unfold.

Our therapists enable the clients to express how they are feeling and monitor the process by asking for feedback.


  • Stress Reduction - 75% of illness is stress related
  • Improves circulation of blood & lymph
  • Cleanses out waste, toxins & impurities
  • Removes congestion and blockages
  • Revitalises Energy
  • Encourages Health
  • Restores Mental Alertness
  • Stimulates Creativity & Productivity
  • Relaxes the whole body
  • Nurtures Relationships

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Sessions / Time Price Additional Information
30 mins $50.00
45 mins $65.00
1 hour $80.00
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