Iridology! Genetic load!

What is Iridology?

Iridology is a diagnostic tool to determine genetic predispositions to certain health conditions.

It is not a treatment as such. It helps identify which bodily systems or organs need support in order to prevent a condition becoming chronic.

Iridology is used in alternative natural medicine clinics and is the scientific study of the iris of the eye. It includes the examination of the coloured part of the iris and the sclera which is the white of the eye.

Our body is a master piece of brilliant design! Each organ in our body has a reflex point located in the iris, conveyed through the body’s nerve tissues. In other words, nerve endings are located in the iris tissue which are connected to every organ in our body.

Let’s look at an example:

It doesn’t mean that you have what we see in your iris, but it means you are more likely to.

For instance, if the lung reflex point is highlighted in the iris it could mean that you have a respiratory sensitivity.

This information then is important to know, so that you can take action to avoid aggravating this system. Specifically for the lungs it would be advisable to avoid smoking, chemical inhalation and working in vocations such as hairdressing, panel beating, or spray tanning. Eating wheat and dairy products such a milk, cheese, ice cream, chocolate etc can also cause problems for the lungs and create excessive mucous in the body.

Consider the following:

To help understand in a nutshell what is a very complex nervous system let's look at a hypothetical case:

If your Grandparents smoked cigarettes and then your parents smoked cigarettes the lung area would be more prominent.

If however, your Grandparents smoked but your parents didn’t, then your lung area would be less prominent.

Adrenal Fatigue, Thyroid, Lymphatic congestion, Neurovascular & Muscular cramp rings are all very commonly visualised in the iris of clients, as we are living in an increasingly stressful time of the earth’s history. Stress is negatively affecting us.

Genetics loads the gun - Lifestyle pulls the trigger!

Our health is determined both by genetics and lifestyle.

We don’t have to die with what our parents died from. However, if we eat the food they ate and drink the beverages they drank and deal with stress as they did, well then…we just may do.

If we decide to learn from the past and make healthier lifestyle choices than our predecessors did then we can avoid certain self destructive behaviour and illness.

Science has proven this now :) It’s our choice. It's called Epigenetics.

We’re here to help motivate, inform and educate.

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Prevention rather than Cure approach

Iridology shows up conditions before you even experience symptoms. The doctor will diagnose you when a symptom appears, however the beauty with Iridology is that we can potentially prevent the condition from ever beginning, if we nip it in the bud so to speak, simply through an iris consultation.

Once we identify which areas in the body are of concern, we can find a treatment plan to facilitate healing or indeed prevent the condition from ever becoming an issue in the first place or prevent it from developing into a chronic state making it harder to heal.

Our Naturopathic staff are qualified to take you to the next step to better health by employing herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, dietary advice or homeopathy to restore your health.

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Sessions / Time Price Additional Information
40 mins $65.00

Analysis will be discussed

Includes Diet & Health support during consultation

Specialised magnifying glass & light are used

Recommended follow up action after initial $65 Iridology consult:

See our Naturopath to assist in treating the health concerns identified in the iris.

Homeopathic & Herbal tinctures, Nutrition & Dietary Support, Medical Blood tests and Natural health supplements may be utilised in treatment.

Initial Naturopathic consultation is $150.

$110 Subsequent Naturopathic appointments.

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