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Take charge of Your health - Stand back & Watch the healing begin!

  • Heal Leaky Gut
  • Reverse Auto immune conditions
  • Eliminate Gas & bloating
  • Lose weight
  • Feel younger
  • Gain more energy
  • Experience clearer skin
  • Optimise mental clarity

We take the time, because we care about you.

Let our Naturopathic Staff be your guide along the journey to better health!

A Natural Approach to Restore Your Health

Naturopathy in the simplest form literally means, finding the 'Natural Path'.

Naturopaths can be seen as a doctor of Natural Medicine and are highly trained in physiology and anatomy and are qualified professionals who are recognised by the government to provide health fund rebates.

Although developments in modern medicine have benefited us in many ways, there is an important role in health care that is not being addressed adequately.

Specifically, the importance of the 'Prevention rather than Cure' approach.

We excel in finding the cause for 'Dis - ease' not just in treating the symptoms.

Naturopaths work in unison with the body to harmoniously restore natural function. This natural approach does not cause negative side effects as some medical drugs can.

Diet, lifestyle, stress from work and relationships, loss or grief, exposure to chemicals or heavy metals, all lower our immunity and render us susceptible to illness.

Many conditions are also due to biochemical imbalances, nutritional deficiencies or toxicity overload in the body, that can be corrected.

Once the body is given the right conditions, it heals itself! We just need to guide and support it.


Allow us to support you with:

  • Education
  • Encouragement
  • Understanding
  • Motivation
  • Support
  • Supplement administration
  • Herbal medicine
  • Professional Dietary Advice
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Meal planning
  • Medical Blood test analysis
  • Detoxification
  • Heavy Metal Testing
  • Urine & Saliva acid/Alkaline testing
  • Zinc testing
  • Stool testing for parasites or bacteria
  • Lifestyle adjustment information
  • Recognition of Bio individually
  • Weight management
  • Stress management
  • Depression & Anxiety support

Holistic Approach

Naturopaths understand that many areas need to be addressed to gain and maintain optimal health. We can only be a whole person when we are balanced in the following areas physical, mental, social, spiritual and emotional. Our practitioners strive to go the extra mile for the client to really identify which areas of their life is out of balance.

Our clinic Counsellors are also available to assist in addressing some of the more emotional aspects that can be causing physical illness.

Our clinic also provides referrals to other allied health professionals.

Our practitioners are also more than happy to work together with the medical system, offering our clients a unique complementary health care approach.

Please also see our Resources & Workshop page for more information!


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Sessions / Time Price Additional Information
1 $150.00 Initial Consultation
1 $110.00 Follow Up
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