Makeup! Cover the load!

Every women wants to feel and look their best.

We all desire glitz and glam and would love a transformation.

Makeup can make this a reality!

It can make your skin even toned and it can enhance your features.

2 key problems with makeup!!

  • Too much creates drama
  • Too little won't enhance

Our experience enables us to work with your features, and naturally give you the glow that you're looking for!

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Formal Makeup

Sessions / Time Price Additional Information
1 hour 30 mins $99.00 Trial Makeup
1 hour $80.00 Formal Makeup incl Lashes
15 mins $25.00 Full Lashes

Wedding Makeup

Sessions / Time Price Additional Information
1 hour 30 mins $99.00 Wedding Trial Makeup
1 hour $80.00 Wedding Day Makeup
  • It is suggested that the client searches for makeup 'looks' to begin forming an idea of what they like and bring a print out
  • Extra costs for travel depending on location
  • Trials are done on separate days
how about a gift certificate!

Why not pamper a friend, partner or family member with a Gift Voucher?!

Gift vouchers can be transferred between clients as long as we are notified of the changes.
Gift vouchers are not redeemable for cash or cash equivalent, and are valid for 6 months from date of purchase.

Special reductions for students, seniors and regular clients.

Please contact us for more details!